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Founded in Grandview, Missouri in 1985, we have 29 years of experience. Among our specialties are:

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We are open 8am-5pm weekdays, and we serve residential and commercial clients in all of Missouri and all of Kansas.

Kansas City Master Companies has two divisions:

Pier Masters offers foundation repair in the Greater Kansas City area, as well as throughout all of Missouri and Kansas. We are your go-to Kansas City foundation repair specialist.

Master Mudjackers offers concrete leveling and other concrete repair services in the Greater Kansas City area. Similar to Pier Masters, our client list extends beyond the metro area, offering mudjacking services to clients in cities including St. Louis, Columbia/Jefferson City, and Lawrence, KS.

Kansas City Master Companies is a unique company in our industry in that we are not only a construction company, but also a Professional Engineering firm in the State of Missouri. Through our divisions of Pier Masters and Master Mudjackers, we offer diversified, engineered structural support services and products.

Understanding the root cause of your concrete, foundation, or water problem is often difficult at best and more often (at worst) requires an expert. We’ve developed this site as a source of information to assist in the evaluation of common symptoms and what their root causes may be.

Case Studies

  • Drain System Install - Study 61001

    61001a1Problem: This commercial property owner called Pier Masters because water was entering the building between the foundation wall and the slab. Solution: The Field Consultant visited the property and made the following determination: mitigate the water b...
  • Retaining Wall - Study 70001

    70001aProblem: The new owners of this residence inherited a rubble stone retaining wall. They wanted something more professional and stable. Solution: They called Pier Masters to design a two-tiered modular wall and to redirect drainage to allow for more lan...

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