Foundation Settlement at Commercial Building in Kansas City, MO

Private Business Hanger In Kansas City International Airport Settling On Three Sides, Repaired

Pier Masters installed resistance piers to lift the foundation back to its correct level.

The facility management team called Pier Masters to evaluate the extent and amount of foundation settlement in the hangar and then report our findings. At that time, the lowest point of settlement was 3¼ inches. An additional ¾-inch settlement occurred over the next seven months, at which time Pier Masters and Master Mudjackers were hired to stabilize and lift the foundation. Piers were installed on the three sides of the building that had settled, restoring the foundation to its original elevation, and the void under the floor was filled. Carbon fiber was also installed to repair a 70-foot crack in the hangar floor.

Our crews needed to be flexible to accommodate aircraft movement in and out of the hangar.

Pier Masters installed 46 piers at an average depth of 53½ feet:

  • 25 Atlas resistance piers; 85,000-pound ultimate capacity
  • 2 Atlas resistance piers; 60,000-pound ultimate capacity
  • 9 customized resistance piers with customized brackets; 92,000-pound ultimate capacity
  • 10 customized resistance piers with customized brackets; 36,000-pound ultimate capacity
KCI Foundation Piering

Pier Masters’ foundation repair crew is excavating along an interior wall to underpin the column pads with customized resistance piers.

KCI Resistance Piers

Our specialized installation process, with custom engineered and manufactured brackets, results in minimal disturbance to the structural integrity of the column pad.

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