Foundation Piering Stabilized Leaning Chimney on Overland Park, KS Home

100-year-old Brick Chimney Pulling Away From House, Repaired

A gap between your chimney and exterior wall is a symptom of foundation settlement issues.

The homeowners had recently purchased a home built in the 20th century and were making renovations.  Their contractor noticed that the chimney was leaning and was concerned that it would put stress on the rest of the house.  Pier Masters suggested underpinning the chimney to stabilize it and prevent future movement.

Our customers and their contractor were impressed with the efficiency of the crew while working in such difficult conditions – the project was completed in 2 days. The customer has since referred Pier Masters on several occasions.

Challenges presented during the project included poor access and utilities in the area.  Pier Masters had to remove brick and separate layers of concrete before reaching the footing.  Two of the piers were installed in a crawl space with less than 4 feet of headroom.


Overland Park Chimney Stabilization

Pier Masters installed 4 foundation piers to stabilize the chimney on this Overland Park home.

Overland Park Chimney Underpinning

Pier Masters is excavating through layers of concrete in order to install Atlas resistance piers.

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