Foundation Settlement in Garage of Shawnee, KS Home

The garage had settled 3 inches at the lowest point.

By installing resistance piers, Pier Masters corrected the foundation settlement.

The homeowner called Pier Masters when several cracks appeared throughout the drywall and foundation. After completing an elevation survey to determine the degree of foundation settlement, we found the front corner of the garage was down 3 inches, and the back corner of the garage was down 2-1/2 inches.

Our customer, who is an engineer, chose Pier Masters because we are a professional engineering company – every structural repair is reviewed and approved by a professional engineer. After explaining our products and processes, the homeowner was confident in our expertise and engineering knowledge.

We installed 10 Atlas resistance piers to stabilize and lift the house back to its original elevation.  Pier Masters also provided epoxy injection for the cracks when performing the foundation repair.


Shawnee Kansas Foundation Repair

Pier Masters installed resistance piers along the garage side exterior wall and the front of the house.


Shawnee KS Resistance Pier

A resistance pier has been installed, and the repair area is being prepped for concrete.

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