Concrete Leveling and Repair

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Joseph Frey, who founded Master Mudjackers in 1985, invented a new mudjacking system for concrete slab leveling. Mudjacking techniques originated before the 1900s, with virtually no improvements after the 1940s. Few were aware of mudjacking’s potential until Joe designed his own innovative mudjacking system. This system was the first to control the pumped material at the repair site, enabling Master Mudjackers to be the only company in the Kansas City metro area to offer safe and clean lifting from inside a settled structure.

More than 30 years later, Master Mudjackers continues to provide homeowners and businesses with expert concrete repair services using a variety of methods and treatments.

Concrete Leveling and Repair Services at Master Mudjackers:

  • Mudjacking: A cementitious grout material is injected through a concrete slab to fill voids and/or lift it back to level.
  • Polyjacking: A process similar to mudjacking, but an expanding polymer foam is used rather than a grout mixture.
  • Slabjacking: Helical piers are used to lift interior slabs back to level.

What Causes Concrete Settlement Problems?

Concrete slabs often settle because the underlying soil washes away or consolidates. In addition to sinking slabs, hidden voids can accumulate water and create a variety of problems, including water in your basement, cracked foundation walls, habitats for vermin and moist soil where termites nest.

Settlement of concrete slabs, including basement slabs, porches, walkways, driveways, etc., can cause the slab to crack and create uneven surfaces. Not only is this unsightly, but it could be dangerous from a tripping standpoint and could possibly even threaten the solid foundation of your home or business. A Master Mudjackers field consultant will visit your home or business, provide an on-site evaluation, and make a recommendation as to which method is best suited to repair your structure.

Master Mudjackers raised this driveway back to level.

Master Mudjackers raised this driveway back to level.