Master Mudjackers has been providing mudjacking services in Kansas City and surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients for over 30 years.

Mudjacking can be used as both a preventative and a remedial measure. When you notice voids under a concrete slab, but the concrete hasn’t settled, that’s a good time to fill the voids. This will help prevent water from accumulating in the voids beneath the concrete by forming a protective barrier to carry water away from your foundation. Mudjacking can also eliminate voids that may be habitats for vermin and moist soil where termites nest.

Once a concrete slab has cracked or settled, mudjacking can be employed to return it to its original elevation. Mudjacking can be used to lift most exterior slabs, as well as indoor slabs such as garage floors. This is accomplished by injecting a flowable fill through the slab, pushing it up from below. The process involves drilling small holes in the concrete, then injecting material to fill void spaces beneath the slab. Once the voids are filled, additional material can be injected to lift the concrete slab back to a level condition. The drilled holes are then patched to complete the repair.

Master Mudjackers formulates our own materials with a composition specifically designed to provide long-term stability and to form a protective barrier to carry water away from your foundation. We inject material under low pressure, preventing dangerous and damaging blowouts that can occur with other systems. It can be injected in most weather conditions without losing effectiveness.

The following video illustrates how Master Mudjackers lifted an Olathe, Kansas customer’s driveway at their garage.