Similar to mudjacking, polyjacking lifts and stabilizes sunken concrete slabs. However, polyjacking is accomplished by injecting an expanding polymer foam beneath the slab rather than a grout mixture. One characteristic of the polymer foam is that it follows the path of least resistance, expanding in all directions. As the foam expands, weak soils beneath the slab are consolidated and become more dense, filling the voids and lifting the slab back to level. Polymer foam has a fast curing time and high lifting capabilities.

Polyjacking can be used effectively for a variety of structures and applications, including:

  • Highways and bridges
  • Concrete slabs
  • Dams and tunnels
  • Manholes
  • Underground utilities
  • Soil stabilization
Polyjacking-Master Mudjackers

Several sections of one of the most-travelled roads/intersections in Olathe, Kansas are being lifted utilizing polyjacking.