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30 May Soil Testing Before Prior To Kansas City Foundation Repair

With foundation repair, you have to be confident the approach being taken will solve your problem. There are many examples where foundation repairs were not completed properly, and it often was due to an assessment-based mistake. It may sound obvious, but a foundation is situated on top, or within, the soil. So, to ensure a proper plan of action occurs, it is important to begin with soil testing. Let's take a look at how Kansas City foundation repair is benefited by soil testing and what it encompasses. Depth Assessment The soil testing is done to assess depth for the piers to be put in. If the depth is not adequate,...

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23 May Using Piers For Your Foundation Repair Kansas City?

Piering or piling is a technique of driving steel pilings for correcting foundation settlement and rectifying building foundations. If you are looking to do foundation repair Kansas City, read on. Push piers are comprised of sections of epoxy-coated or galvanized steel pipe driven into the ground using a hydraulic ram. Helical piers use screw piles that have steel shafts. With one or several helixes attached, the lead section provides the necessary bearing capacity. A hydraulic torque motor is used for screwing the piers into the ground. With both systems, one or multiple steel piers are driven into a suitable soil bearing layer or to rock...

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12 May The Different Types Of Foundation Repair Kansas City Contractors Provide

Defective or imperfect foundation setting is one of the primary causes for needing foundation repair. You might need foundation repair if cracks are visible on exterior and interior walls of your house, or even on the foundation walls. The repairs become even more time sensitive if you notice sunken interior concrete floors, buckled or bowed foundation walls. Foundation repairs in Kansas City are usually less expensive when the home hasn't fallen around the foundation. Most of these repairs are too complex for the average homeowner to do on their own, so these types of engineering based repairs should be left to foundation repair...

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05 May Important Questions To Ask A Kansas City Foundation Repair Company

If you are in Kansas City, here are a few tips on how to find a Kansas City foundation repair company and a few important questions that you need to ask in order to choose the right one. First - Signs That Your Foundation Needs To Be Repaired The first indication that your foundation is collapsing, or at least in need of repair, as you will see hairline fractures that form a zigzag pattern, moving up the base of your home. You could also find gaps or ruptures in the concrete, and they are very noticeable if there is brick. You may...

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foundation repair kansas city is like putting money in the ground

30 Apr Kansas City Foundation Repair: When You Put Money In The Ground

There are many types of foundation repair Kansas City encounters. One of which is developing a faulty foundation. This is an expense that many people try to avoid, as many of them feel that they are literally throwing their money into the ground. People that have problems with justifying this expense must realize that they are actually saving money in the long run by restoring their foundation, that aspect of your home which is supporting their walls, roof, and preventing unwanted cracks from appearing. This is a job that many people are not able to do on their own and therefore...

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finding a good kansas city foundation repair company

22 Apr How To Determine Who Is A Fair Kansas City Foundation Repair Company

Keeping your home's foundation in good shape is a must if you want to avoid some serious problems. However, there may be times when you do not even realize that there is a problem until it is too late. By hiring a top Kansas City foundation repair company, you can make sure that these repairs are made as quickly and affordably as possible. But how can you know which company to hire? With so many firms out there clamoring for your business, it can be hard to make a decision. You need to make sure that you spend enough time considering...

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how long does kansas city foundation repair take

10 Apr How Long Does The Average Kansas City Foundation Repair Project Take?

Getting any kind of structure repaired within the home is often a large source of stress and a major inconvenience. These jobs often cost a fairly exorbitant sum of money, and dealing with the constant invasion of privacy during the repairs process is less than ideal. For this reason, many people are reluctant to get repairs to vital home architectural components, no matter how important or time sensitive getting a start on the repair process is. If you suspect that you might need repair done to your foundation, there's a good chance that you aren't feeling aren't looking forward to scheduling...

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man performing foundation repair Kansas City MO

03 Apr How Long Can You Wait After You Learn You Need Foundation Repair?

If you learn that you need foundation repair, how urgent is the problem? Depending upon the type of problem, size of the house, and your location, these repair jobs may cost a few thousand dollars. Since most homeowners want to preserve the value of their houses but would rather save their money, this can be a tough question. How Urgent Is Foundation Repair? It's unlikely that foundation problems will ever resolve themselves on their own. In fact, if the problems that are causing your house to change its position aren't resolved, it's fairly likely that the situation will get worse as time...

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