Foundation Repair in Olathe

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Hire an Olathe Foundation Repair Company You Can Trust

We at Pier Masters understand that foundation problems and their required repairs can be overwhelming and financially demanding. Most of us are homeowners ourselves – we know how important it is to protect the value of your home and property. When you have foundation problems, you want to know that they will be repaired by people who have the knowledge and experience to complete your project the right way.

Get Experienced Foundation Experts on Your Side

We want to use our 30 years of experience in Olathe foundation repair, waterproofing and mudjacking to make sure you receive the right repair, using quality products at a fair price. Unlike many foundation repair companies in Olathe, we are a licensed engineering firm. This sets our work apart from other foundation repair companies. Every structural repair is reviewed and approved by a professional engineer to make sure every job lasts. The products we use are tested and meet stringent engineering standards.

Our foundation repair and waterproofing foremen have been with Pier Masters for an average of 12 years. Collectively they have completed thousands of projects ranging from simple home foundation repairs to complex piering systems for commercial structures. The same level of care is taken with each project regardless of its size. Whether we’re installing foundation piers, tiebacks for bowied walls, interior or exterior waterproofing systems, or repairing cracks in your foundation or interior walls, you can be confident that our work is meant to last.

Call for a Free Foundation Repair Consultation

We often say, “It takes a lot of trust and confidence for our customers to bury their money in the ground, literally. We owe it to our customers to provide professional services and engineered products.” Call us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate with no strings attached. We are committed to providing you with all the details of our recommendations for your project so that you can make an informed and confident decision to choose Pier Masters.

Foundation Repair Kansas City And Olathe

Left: Due to settlement in several areas of this home, the chimney had rotated and the interior floors were very uneven. Pier Masters installed 9 resistance piers to stabilize and lift the foundation, and 1 helical pier to stabilize and lift the garage column.
Center: Pier Masters installed 18 vertical wall restraints to stabilize and straighten a foundation wall on this residence. Also installed were 48 linear feet of carbon fiber reinforcement fiber and a drain system.
Right: Small holes are drilled into the floor of this fire station prior to mudjacking the interior slab.