Foundation Crack Repair

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Cracks in foundation walls have a variety of causes, including foundation settlement, bowed walls, concrete shrinkage, improper drainage and subsoil heaving and/or shrinkage. Foundation cracks can have serious effects on the integrity of your home or building, requiring immediate foundation repair.

Depending on the root cause and severity of the cracks, Pier Masters will identify and employ the correct method for long-term repair. These methods may include epoxy or urethane injection, installation of carbon fiber reinforcement, or installation of foundation piers or helical wall tiebacks (or both) in the affected area.

  • Epoxy Injection / Urethane Injection: For cracks that are actively leaking, epoxies and urethanes can be used. However, a urethane will add no strength to a foundation and should only be used for waterproofing purposes in circumstances where there are no structural concerns. Urethane is pushed through the foundation wall under pressure and is activated by water. Thus, it will seek out water in the crack and will also go through the wall to the outside to seal the crack all the way through.
  • Carbon Fiber Crack Repair:  Carbon fiber is a lightweight, high-strength material that is essentially unbreakable and doesn’t stretch. It has proven to be so useful for construction projects that it is used to improve load capacities on bridges and add earthquake protection to existing structures.