Foundation Piering

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Foundation settlement not only adversely affects the value of your home, but it can also result in unsafe structural conditions. Pier Masters offers services that help ensure the safety and structural integrity of your foundation and property for years to come. Foundation piering is one approach that can be used to correct problems caused by foundation settlement. Resistance and helical piers are commonly used in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Our foundation piering solutions include:

  • Resistance Piers – Also known as push piers, this engineered piering system is used to stabilize and/or lift existing foundations that have settled or moved. Resistance piers use the weight of a structure to advance sections of piling into the ground to a stable, load-bearing stratum. Resistance piers have been trusted and recommended by engineers for over 35 years; Pier Masters has been installing them for over 22 years. With tens of thousands of installations completed by our crews in that time, we have a success rate of 99.999%. We have the best warranty you’ll NEVER use.
  • Helical Piers – This piering system is also used to stabilize and/or lift existing foundations that have settled or moved. However, because helical piers screw into the ground, they typically require less excavation than other types of piers and can be installed in areas with limited access.
  • Helical Pulldown Piles (Combination Piles) – A helical pile system with the added benefit of a grout column around the shaft of a standard helical pier.
  • Pressure-Grouted Micropiles/Rock Anchoring – Small diameter grouted piles with a central steel shaft that are drilled through soil and rock to underpin new and existing structures.

We also perform rock drilling and are skilled in the installation of more specialized products such as pressure-grouted micropiles and helical pulldown piles for both foundation repair and new construction.

Pier Masters offers our customers the analysis of their home or building’s construction, foundation load requirements, probable subsoils, the site condition of the structure, and accurate measurement of settlement amounts using engineering transits. This detailed groundwork enables us to select the correct foundation settlement repair solution for our customers.

In the video below, Pier Masters is installing resistance piers for home foundation repair in Kansas City, Missouri.