Pier Masters, one of the top providers of foundation repair Kansas City has to offer, serves residential and commercial clients in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as throughout the Midwest including Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.

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Foundation Piering

Foundation settlement not only adversely affects the value of your home, but it can also result in unsafe structural conditions. Pier Masters offers services that help ensure the safety and structural integrity of your foundation and property for years to come. Foundation piering is one approach that can be used to correct problems caused by foundation settlement. Resistance and helical piers are commonly used in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

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Bowed Walls/Pushed In Walls

When external pressure on foundation walls becomes too great, walls can begin to bow in the middle, tilt along the top or slide along the bottom. The soil in the Kansas City area is made up predominantly of expansive clays – they swell or heave when inundated with water and shrink when dried. Swell pressure can occur when the soil becomes over-saturated, weakening the wall and pushing it inward.

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Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in foundation walls have a variety of causes, including foundation settlement, bowed walls, concrete shrinkage, improper drainage and subsoil heaving and/or shrinkage. Foundation cracks can have serious effects on the integrity of your home or building, requiring immediate foundation repair.

Depending on the root cause and severity of the cracks, Pier Masters will identify and employ the correct method for long-term repair. These methods may include epoxy or urethane injection, installation of carbon fiber reinforcement, or installation of foundation piers or helical wall tiebacks (or both) in the affected area.

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Joseph Frey, who founded Master Mudjackers in 1985, invented a new mudjacking system for concrete slab leveling. The system was the first to control the pumped material at the repair site, enabling Master Mudjackers to be the only company in the Kansas City metro area to offer safe and clean lifting from inside a settled structure.

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Master Mudjackers has been providing mudjacking services in Kansas City and surrounding areas to residential and commercial clients for over 30 years.

Mudjacking can be used as both a preventative and a remedial measure. When you notice voids under a concrete slab, but the concrete hasn’t settled, that’s a good time to fill the voids. This will help prevent water from accumulating in the voids beneath the concrete by forming a protective barrier to carry water away from your foundation. Mudjacking can also eliminate voids that may be habitats for vermin and moist soil where termites nest.

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Similar to mudjacking, polyjacking lifts and stabilizes sunken concrete slabs. However, polyjacking is accomplished by injecting an expanding polymer foam beneath the slab rather than a grout mixture. One characteristic of the polymer foam is that it follows the path of least resistance, expanding in all directions. As the foam expands, weak soils beneath the slab are consolidated and become more dense, filling the voids and lifting the slab back to level. Polymer foam has a fast curing time and high lifting capabilities.

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Slabjacking is another method of concrete leveling for raising or supporting structural and non-structural slabs. This system is generally utilized when the normal shrinking and swelling of the soils below the slab is unacceptable because of the cosmetic or structural damage it would cause with the seasonal movement.

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Some of the largest contributors to water issues include foundation cracks, problems with gutters and/or downspouts, negative grade and groundwater. Identifying which of these problems, or combination of problems, you’re experiencing is the best way to diagnose a proper fix.

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Interior Waterproofing Systems

Water leakage causes costly structural and interior damage, and contributes to mold and decay. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free solution to your basement waterproofing issues.

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Exterior Waterproofing Systems

A good defense against water damage to a structure is proper drainage. Listed below are drainage systems that Pier Masters implements to best manage exterior water issues.

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