Waterproofing and Drainage

Waterproofing and Drainage2018-08-06T23:01:57+00:00

Some of the largest contributors to water issues include foundation cracks, problems with gutters and/or downspouts, negative grade and groundwater. Identifying which of these problems, or combination of problems, you’re experiencing is the best way to diagnose a proper fix.

A natural complement to our concrete leveling and foundation repair divisions, Pier Masters offers waterproofing and drainage system services for homes and businesses. We’re Certified Waterproofing Specialists with the National Association of Waterproofing (now Basement Health).

Waterproofing and Drainage Systems Services at Pier Masters:

  • Interior Waterproofing Systems: Methods include sump pumps, Hydraway drainage systems and edge drains.
  • Exterior Waterproofing Systems: Methods include foundation underdrains (exterior drain tile systems), interceptor drains (French drains), underground downspout extensions, window wells and drains, retaining walls and surface drains.

Pier Masters realizes that every structure has unique waterproofing and drainage needs, depending on the surrounding property and land usage. Whether water is coming in through a wall crack, at the joint between the wall, or up through floor cracks, we will evaluate your specific waterproofing needs and determine which type of system is best for you in order to ensure that your structure is left with a low-maintenance, long-lasting and efficient system.

interior drain tile system-pier masters

Above is an illustration of the “Hydraway Master System II” interior drain tile system. This is one of the interior waterproofing systems we install at Pier Masters.

foundation underdrain system-pier masters

The above is an illustration of a foundation underdrain system, one of the exterior waterproofing systems Pier Masters installs. This particular system is referred to as “Master System I”.