Exterior Waterproofing Systems

Exterior Waterproofing Systems2018-08-16T15:19:11+00:00

A good defense against water damage to a structure is proper drainage. Listed below are drainage systems that Pier Masters implements to best manage exterior water issues.

Exterior waterproofing systems include:

  • Foundation Underdrains (Exterior Drain Tile Systems) – This system carries excess water away from your structure so that the foundation doesn’t suffer any consequences due to the movement of surrounding soils.
  • French Drains (Interceptor Drains) –  Generally used for slope applications, French drain installation can be implemented when too much water is reaching the foundation and/or the surrounding soil is impermeable. Typically, a perforated pipe and gravel are installed in a trench 2 to 3 feet deep, depending on grade or topography.
  • Underground Downspout Extensions –  One solution to water collecting under a downspout is to extend the downspout so that it carries water farther across the property and away from the structure.
  • Window Wells and Drains –  We install high-quality window well systems to provide better ventilation for your basement, as well as servicing existing ones by adding or replacing covers, liners or drainage systems.
  • Retaining Walls –  Pier Masters can determine the best type of drainage system for the retaining wall on your property to ensure that the groundwater in the elevated land being supported by the wall is drained thoroughly.
  • Surface Drains –  Different systems of grates and basins can be installed, depending on the amount of motor or foot traffic and the amount of debris (i.e. leaves, etc.) in the area.
Lee's Summit (Waterproofing) Case Study_During

French drain installation by Pier Masters’ crew.